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Principle #1We Are God’s Stewards. The Bible is God’s authoritative revelation of truth and reality that guides how human beings should think about everything. One of the truths it reveals is that we are stewards of the land and animals in our care. As stewards, we are accountable to God to carry out our stewardship in ways that are pleasing to Him. All the rest of our Principles are derived from this Principle.

Principle #2 – We Manage Holistically. We manage our land and animals holistically. Our ranch is composed of myriads of interrelated organisms, environments and systems. Proper management of the whole requires knowledge and understanding of the parts. A part cannot be managed independently of the effect on the other parts and the whole.

Principle #3 – Holistic Management = Sustainable Habitat. Holistic management, done properly, will result in a sustainable habitat.

Principle #4 – Healthy Soil, Diversity of Plants and Animals. Healthy soil and a diversity of plants and animals is the hallmark of a sustainable habitat.

Principle #5 – Herbicides and Pesticides Avoided. Because we do not know the full extent to which herbicides and pesticides affect the soil or the diversity of plant or animal life, application of herbicides and pesticides on a non-specific basis is avoided.

Principle #6 – Fertilizer Avoided. Because we do not know the full extent to which fertilizers affect the soil or diversity of plant or animal life, application of fertilizers is avoided.

Principle #7 – Grazing Necessary. Animals, including cattle and other grazing animals, play a necessary role in achieving and maintaining a sustainable habitat. Proper grazing management promotes healthy soil and diversity of plant and animal life.

Principle #8 – Livestock Welfare a Priority. The health and welfare of our livestock are priorities. While we will not sell meat from an animal treated with antibiotics, we will treat a sick animal with antibiotics or other drugs the animal needs. A treated animal will be taken out of our meat sales program.

Principle #9 – Livestock Treated Humanely and Compassionately. Our livestock will be treated humanely, with respect and compassion, and in a calm, low stress manner.

Principle #10 – Transparency. We encourage our customers to visit our ranch, meet us and see how we do things. We will be happy to explain what we do, why we do it, and show you around.

Our Principles

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